Wedding at Villa Fassati Barba - Franciacorta

An elegant villa from the XVIII century, in the heart of Franciacorta, this is the frame that Celeste and Stefano chose for their wedding.

The bridal getting ready took place at Villa Gradoni, a little village characterized by little cobbled streets and lush vineyards. The ceremony took then place in the Abbazia of Rodengo Saiano.

There are 3 things of which Celeste have always been sure: the bouquet, the gloves and the dress.
Yes, because for her wedding day she decided to wear memories.

The bouquet made with white Anthurium, the same that her mum had on her wedding day, so as the gloves.
And the custom-made bridal dress made of white silk, the one that her father, 30 years before, bought for her in China.



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